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Renovation Addicts and DIY lovers with a passion for Home Design. 

Meet Belinda & Belinda, the masterminds behind Oohm.

Renovating For Profit is their specialty with over 30 personal projects between them and a love of creating a beautiful home for less. As life long friends the two Belinda’s have become accidental bloggers, as they strive to share inspirational tips and know how with their Oohm Community of Home Lovers. Find out how you too can create a beautiful home on a budget, plus learn how to renovate to increase income and equity.


Tell us about your business 

On our blog – – the 2 Belinda’s share tips and information about renovating for profit and decorating, creating beautiful homes on a budget.  We offer a Renovation Consultancy and an E-decor service.

Why did you start your business?

For a long time, we have both helped family and friends with property research, finding the right property at the right price, organising finance, purchasing properties, renovation advice and styling tips.  Between us (and our husbands) we have wide reaching experience in property so began by starting a Facebook page sharing tips and hints on all things related to property. Our aim was to gather home loving followers and open an online home wares store, which we will do soon.

What do you love about your work?

As lovers of interior design, home wares, beautiful architecture and all things related to property, we spend our days immersed in lovely images and interacting with our inspired tribe of home-lovers on Social Media and our blog.  We continue to run our independent property companies and renovate our own homes.  We are busy, but privileged to spend our days doing what we love.

What do you want to be known for? 

Helping others to profit from property renovations, sharing our renovation strategies, budget and design tips – designer looks at affordable prices. I have my own personal little favourites and they make me smile each morning when I see them in my kitchen. I hope to share that around. It’s all about life’s simple pleasures.

What are you aiming to achieve in the next 12 months? 

We have built some wonderful partnerships, in particular with the charity Heartfelt Homes, who we wish to support more as our business grows; also with the On The House Group, producing quality content for their readership via the “Renovation Ideas” blog.

Within 6 months – Videos on How to DIY and renovation tips plus hopefully some blog sponsorship will come our way.  As well as the launch our online shop.

Within 12 months – our goal is to be running renovation workshops and write books.   

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone starting their own business? 

Just get started sharing information about something that you love, and learn along the way.

Pay people for the things that you aren’t good at and which will take too much of your time to figure out when you could be doing more important things. Ensure everyone in your business is working to his or her strengths and surround yourself with people who share your vision and passionate commitment.  We knew a lot about renovation and property, but very little about business on the Internet and blogging. It’s been a steep learning curve, but worth every minute and it’s been fun.



Phone: Belinda Smith 0419 496 625   |   Belinda Westblade 0407 443 958







Coco Motion Mumma is the business behind Karlie Cunningham-Lloyd, a fitness foodie mum who enables women to raise children that are heart-fully healthy.  

Karlie aims to inspire and motivate you to eat real food, move your body daily and dream big.  Offering wellness coaching, personal training – and even virtual PT sessions – Karlie passion is to motive others into a healthier life lived to the full.

Here we ask Karlie a few of the big questions.

coco motion mumma

Tell us about your business?

At Coco Motion Mumma, our motto is Eat, Move, Dream. We are all about cooking, and eating, real food by providing recipes with meal options, whilst providing ways to keep active with the delivery of workout ideas and videos.

We aim to inspire women to invest in themselves, so they can reach the level of health they deserve, and as a result, be a fantastic role model to their children. This is delivered through content on our website, as well as via one-on-one and online coaching.

I am a trained Personal Development, Health and Physical Education teacher, Personal Trainer, and fully qualified Wellness Coach, but most importantly, a mum to my two children aged 6 and 4 years.

Why did you start your business? 

To inspire women and mothers to eat real food, move their bodies daily and dream big. I want them to feel fabulous and be great role models for the little people in their lives.

What do you love about your work?

I love helping others reach their health potential; watching the light bulbs go on when they can see changes in the way they see themselves; the way they look and how they change their outlook on life.

I love creating recipes and meals that are delicious, nutritious and healthy. Foods that ensure my clients never feel deprived or like their missing out.

I love training clients on how to learn and perform new movements, and transition from basic skills to more advanced. But it is amazing to hear my clients tell me they are feeling stronger and have a greater level of fitness.

What do you want to be known for? 

Being a great role model to my children. Showing them how to prepare real food, and move their bodies daily. I want to teach them how to lead healthy lives, dream big and have the confidence to go after whatever they put their minds to.

What are you aiming to achieve in the next 12 months? 

I would love to have touched more lives and shared my message. To be creating more recipe e-books, establishing an online real food movement program, running seminars and webinars for women to reach the goal of living a super smashing life. Have my Coco Crunch recipe in health food stores. As well as, coaching people in food, nutrition and wellness.

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone starting their own business? 

Be authentic and follow your passion.


Phone: 0438 115 579






pot4(originally featured on The Buzz Writer, Dec 2014)

PotLove by Pete is an innovative and unique home décor business run by Peta Sully.

As the creator of unusual yet on-trend handmade concrete pot plant designs, Peta focuses on the uniqueness of each piece as she is creating it. She loves discovering what happens when she gets experimental – in fact, the gorgeous concrete tie-dyed pots in her range are a result of a late night experiment, which just adds to the funky charm of these wonderful products.

Peta is growing her range daily trying different things with her designs and loves the chance to get her creative on. Concrete coffee cups moonlighting as candles and gorgeous Christmas wreaths are just some of the additions to the concrete PotLove by Pete family this Christmas.

Here, Peta shares a little more around how and why she runs PotLove by Pete.


Tell us about your business10629733_10204159733930213_5295325263724330893_n (1)

I create hand-made and hand-painted rustic concrete pots. The artisanal nature of these pots means that each one is different. Each one has its own personality and no two pots are the same.

For me, it’s a relaxing hobby that has turned into a business. I can work on my craft, and I find that it allows me to unwind my brain whilst just being creative.


Why did you start your business?

I received a gift earlier in the year which was a concrete pot plant, and figured I could make a go of creating my own style of concrete pots. So I Googled DIY tutorials and taught myself what to do. It evolved from making them as gifts for friends to selling them on social media and at markets.


What do you love about your work?

This is not my full time job. This is my hobby. However, the whole process takes me back to my creative roots and I am truly at peace when I am making, painting and planting…I just love to switch off and ‘Potter’. No pun intended!


What do you want to be known for?

I’d love to be known for someone who shares the ‘PotLove’. I’d love to be responsible for brightening someone’s day, bringing a smile to their face or bringing joy to people. Each pot is personal to me as I put my full attention, love and care into each one I make. I hope that radiates when people buy them.

I have my own personal little favourites and they make me smile each morning when I see them in my kitchen. I hope to share that around. It’s all about life’s simple pleasures.


What are you aiming to achieve in the next 12 months?

I want to continue what I’m doing and go to a few more markets. I’m also thinking about starting up workshops for kiddies to get them involved and discovering their creative side. It’s too much fun not to share!


What is the best piece of advice for someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

My best advice would be have a plan, have a dream, stay true to yourself, enjoy what you do and the world is your oyster!!


Contact Peta today

Phone:                  0414 606 616



Instagram:           @potlovebypete


As mums, don’t we all just want to feel beautiful sometimes?glow105

Sure do.

Though as a mum, we don’t always have the time to pamper ourselves. Especially when it comes to tanning.

Yes we could sit out in the sun for hours on end, though what kind of message is that sending to our kids. It is a massive mission just trying to get them to wear sunscreen – and don’t get me started about a hat!

Enter Olivia.

Having worked for Virgin Airlines, Olivia knows first hand how tough it can be to look your best at all times.

Bella Glow Beginnings

When I was working at Virgin, I was always paying to have spray tans so that I looked fresh and ready for work. It was whilst working there that I thought – “Why not invest in my own?” 

That is how Bella Glow was born.

At Bella Glow, Olivia offers a personalised spray tanning service and understands what it is like trying to juggle me-time with young children. Olivia is the proud mum of two gorgeous cherubs, and started up her business as a side project to her full time job some years ago.

This year, Olivia’s aim is to turn her little business into a something more, to allow her the flexibility to be able to be there for her kids, but also gives her artistic nature a purpose again.

Running Bella Glow from her home in the Sutherland Shire, Olivia uses two types of spray – Naked Tan and Divine Tan – depending on your preference. Both tanning products are 2 hour tans, meaning that you can wash off faster and head out looking fresh and natural in no time.

And her piece of advice for anyone thinking about starting their own business?

Find something your passionate about and make it work around you and your family.

Contact Olivia today on 0410 451 279

Bella Glow on Facebook

FB logo3

Need help with your Christmas gift ideas this year?

The Crazy Mummy has it sorted.

Check out our list of must visit small businesses, both online & in store. Just remember to support small business this festive season.

I am addicted to Instagram and here are my top finds just for you.


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Dove and Dovelet@doveanddovelet | Awesome Mummy Jewellery for nursing, teething and play |

My Little Lovebird | @mylittlelovebird | Interiors & Play for Kids |

Mrs. Oliver |  @mrsoliver_  | Handmade personalised pennants, wall flags & banners |

My Mary Bell@mymarybell | Funky, Fun & Beautiful clothing & decor for your little ones |

The Little Ark@thelittleark | Designer Kids Clothing & Decor |


And there is still more to come… Stay tuned for more gift ideas coming your way!

Want more? Visit The Buzz Writer gift guide.

Llew xoxo

Want to add to our guide? Email with all the details.

Have you heard about Gumtree? In case you don’t know what Gumtree is, it is a website designed for the community where people can list all kinds of services, products and even a rentals.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 13.41.28

Gumtree is a set up like a classifieds website where you can list any items that you’re trying to get rid of, and people all over Australia, can search to find something that there looking for. I know you say it is just like eBay – but I assure you it is not.

Firstly there are no fees to list your items, and you don’t have to worry about putting items up for auction. You can set your price, select a negotiable option (if you are) and then post your ad.

Recently I was contacted by the marketing department at Gumtree asking if I might be able to write an article promoting Gumtree’s services to my Crazy Mummy Community. So I had a think about it over a weekend, and I was a little confused as to what I would actually write about.

So the following week I wrote back to the marketing department and actually asked them – ‘How would I even go about promoting Gumtree I don’t understand how it is in anyway beneficial for mums.’

The response I received was that I could go with the angle of the opportunities to upcycle used furniture. There is no doubt that there is a big trend at the moment with upcycling from home. Though I had no experience in this area, and didn’t want to pretend that I might.

The second option was to promote the freebies page is popular – and that many people don’t know about it. This was where people list items that there trying to get rid of, for FREE.

Apparently, this has worked well for parents, or grandparents, looking to ‘upcycle’ furniture either for nurseries, for interior design or for their own creative projects.

Not really sure how it all worked, I clicked on the link and was surprised at just how many items there were listed. And the variety. Funnily enough, my husband and I had been talking about getting a new dining room table, so I thought I would try my luck. It wouldn’t hurt anyone.We don’t have a very big area to fit a dining table and wanted something to fit the four of us. Yet if we had people around for dinner we could extend it, add a few more chairs and it wasn’t a bother for the night. I typed in timber dining room table, located in Sydney. And wouldn’t you know it, the fourth advert down was exactly what we were looking for. Timber, round, and extendable.

I showed my hubby the ad, next thing I know he is calling the number of the owner, asking if he could look at the table, and wouldn’t you know it later that afternoon we had a new dining table. Gumtree was working for us already.With a quick sanding and lime wash, our ‘new’ table had come up just amazing! I mean it looks brand new, when it is actually from the 1930’s – sturdy and stable – just perfect.

The following week we decided that we would then list all of the items that have been sitting underneath the house that we just couldn’t be bothered putting on eBay. First we listed our old dining table for free. It had definitely seen better days, and we weren’t even sure it would go. yet within 2 hours it had been picked up by another happy camper. We then went and listed a whole lot of other things – an indoor heater that we were no longer using, a baby bike seat, our mountain buggy pram, an old school vintage trike, and all of a sudden within a week we had gotten rid of every single piece of furniture that we had uploaded.

We didn’t ask outragous amounts for our olf items and were being unrealistic with our prices. I main aim was to clear out the things we no longer needed – instead of allowing them to collect more dust. Amazingly our sales allowed us to produce a little bit of cash on the side, which paid for our groceries and coffees for the next two weeks. And I have to say it has been the most seamless and easiest task that we have come across recently.

I will definitely be using Gumtree again in the future, with the next thing we need to find is some ‘new’ dining room chairs…

With the long weekend coming up, what a perfect time to clean out old items taking up your storage spaces, and who knows you may just get that piece of furniture you’ve been thinking of for months – for free!

I am so over cooking dinner. I have all but given up trying to think of something new to eat every single night. My kids aren’t fussy, well they are kids so they do gripe about some things, but generally they will eat what we cook – so that’s not the issue.

My issue is that I have to be ‘creative’ in the kitchen, and cook all these great new recipes that people are telling me about. It is one of the reasons I don’t invite friends over for dinner. I don’t want that kind of stress of cooking a nice (and somewhat edible) meal. I can’t do it half the time when I am just trying to plate something for my hubby & two kids.

In my work I am always thinking about how things work, what I need to do next, thinking outside of the box, and generally running my brain on the computer all day for my clients. So when it comes to thinking about creating some amazing dish at the end of the day… no thanks!

Recently, I have, lets say, ‘massaged’ my husband ego as he is definitely the better cook out of the two of us. See he actually cares. My hubby loves looking for a recipe he would like to try his hand at. He likes going grocery shopping for all the things he needs (that’s a whole other rant from me – don’t get me started!), add to that the fact that we have a newly purchased Thermomix, any busy families best friend, and it is quite easy to say my hubby is in heaven.

But boy the meals he has dished out in the last week, I have completely polished off. Licked the plate clean. Have actually finished my meal before anyone else. It has actually been such a change that when he had to go away overnight for work last week, I stayed strong with my stance against cooking and took the kids to… I can’t believe I’m going to say it… McDonalds. I must say that when he found out he laughed his head off.

So as Father’s day approached, I realised that I would have to take up the tools again and make some spectacular flop of a meal to end our lovely weekend on. We had spent the weekend with friends who live in Newcastle and were driving home at lunchtime on Sunday, when I said – ‘What are we going to do for dinner tonight?’

To which hubby replied, ‘I don’t know why?’

Me: ‘We have that Menulog voucher we could use and just get takeaway.’

Hubby: ‘Sounds great. I’m not cooking on Father’s Day.’


I did my little happy dance.

View More:

You may have seen or heard about Menulog in the past. Menulog is an online website where you can order food delivery from a range of local outlets that deliver specifically to your suburb. I must admit I had heard of it before, and seen the advertisement on tv, but wasn’t 100% sure how it all worked.

So it was time for some research.

When I went onto the website I was promoted to enter my postcode. So I did just that. Oyster Bay is a little out of the way for most people, but I was astounded to see the array of restaurants and cuisines that came up in the list. There was Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and even a bottle shop! The boys will be happy with be able to order pizza & beer to be delivered… Think I might keep quiet on that one!

We went with Thai on the day, and needed to have it delivered early as our two little monsters were becoming as feral as Gremlins do after midnight. So hubby & I sat down out the back in the early afternoon, whilst we were watching the monsters go nuts, and had a look through our options.

It was really easy to place our order too. You can view the restaurant menu and order your choice of meals all whilst on the Menulog website. The restaurant doesn’t even need to be open for you to do this. You can actually pre-order your delivery and choose the time you would like the delivery to arrive.

Talk about catering for the pre-planners out there – and it is the most perfect thing for us busy mums! Not to mention the whole system is FREE to use. There are no hidden charges for using their site, and you receive a confirmation SMS to your phone to say the order has been received by the restaurant.

We then were able to sit back and enjoy the sunny afternoon without worrying about getting dinner ready.  Our food even arrived a few minutes early, and I was relieved at how easy the whole process was. No miscommunications on the phone, no dramas about what to cook. And the best bit – hubby was happy on Father’s Day.


Now, thanks to Menulog, I have the amazing opportunity to giveaway two $50 Menulog vouchers to any two of my wonderful crazy mummies out there – so that you too can have a night off from cooking. Of course if you know someone who would benefit from this giveaway then feel free to share the love!

Entry is easy. Just click on the Rafflecopter App below and you will be redirected to the site where you follow the prompts to gain entries. Only 1 entry is necessary to enter the competition, though you can enjoy extra entries by choosing to follow The Crazy Mummy in all areas noted on the Rafflecopter App.

Good luck!

Screenshot 2014-09-15 08.19.41


Whilst The Crazy Mummy was provided with a family meal voucher to spend at a participating restaurant of our choice in exchange for this review, we wish to inform you that all opinions and content are our own.  Entry is open to residents of Australia only.  The winner will be notified via email and given 48 hours to respond.  If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn.  Total prize pool is valued at 2 x $50 Menulog vouchers and is to be used with a local Menulog restaurant of the winner’s choosing (where valid) and cannot be redeemed for cash.  The winner’s details may be forwarded to Menulog for prize distribution.

A voucher code will be emailed to the winner as supplied by Menulog and will be valid for 1 month from the date of issue.  The voucher code will be valid for delivery only and payments via credit card.  The voucher is valid for one use only.  The Crazy Mummy is not liable or responsible in any way or form for prizes that are subsequently not delivered by a third party or arrive damaged or late.  Judge’s decision is final.

Welcome to our first Crazy Mummy Guest Post, written by a friend of mine – Charley.

We often chat about the crazy chaos that is our lives, and just the other day I asked Charley if she would like to write a post for my Crazy Mummy Blog.

Thankfully she said yes, instead of storming off right there and then, and below is her story about ‘Mess Stress’. As mother’s we all have it. That rush of stress, caused by the feeling you have to clean your house (as though it looks that way everyday) when guests are popping by.

Charley has three beautiful daughters aged 6, 4 and 7 months; and along with her husband, their dog, two ducks and several unwanted possum squatters, they reside in the suburban southern suburbs of Sydney.

I’ve finally figured it out.

I am actually a very tidy person, trapped inside the body of a messy one. I’m somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between chronic hoarder and OCD clean freak. Allow me to explain by transporting you back to my childhood years.

I shared a bedroom with my older sister, an invisible line invariably drawn down the middle of the room. On her side, the epitome of neat. A single bear tucked neatly under the doona, folded clothes and a clear desk. Mine a jumble of soft toys strewn across an unmade bed, unfinished craft projects, smelly hockey socks and a series of science experiments in the form of unopened half eaten lunchboxes. Needless to say, on more than one occasion my sister actually opened the window and threw my belongings into the garden in a rage. We got burgled once and the policeman thought they’d been after something particular in my bedroom….

Intermittently, my mum would reach her limits and tidy my room while I was at school (OMG I did this in my daughters room today). I loved coming home to neat rows of toys on my bed and clean sheets – an insight into a future life where such simple things would provide great pleasure and comfort among the chaos.

And so the teenage, and student, years ensued. The cleaners in my University were in despair of my habits – sailing gear drying in the shower and the carpet nowhere to be seen. I was far too busy with sporting activities and socialising at the Student Uni Bar to be cleaning and gardening. Pah! That’s for retired people.

But as time moved on, the backpack I arrived in Sydney with, made way for the trappings of domestic life. I still wasn’t very tidy, but I tried. It was simply that domesticity was not at the top of my list of priorities.

Then a few things happened that triggered a change. First of all came this thing called a ‘mortgage’. With financial servitude to Westpac came a strange but surprising sense of pride in my home. Not enough to take precedence over my social and sporting life, but enough to “do cleaning on the weekend”.

With the arrival of my first child it suddenly occurred to me that my merit as a mother was exponentially linked (amongst other things) to the tidy, or otherwise state, of my home. In my mind, not only should I exclusively breastfeed, provide my baby with only organic food and read them truck loads of books before bed; but one must be able to eat off the floor and see your face reflecting back from the taps. After all I wasn’t working, right? And so somehow, after years of a blissful “each to their own” happy but messy existence, I had allowed what I call “Mess Stress” to enter my life.

Mothers group was a case study in itself. Your own baby crawling across your dog hair ridden floor was one thing but other peoples babies and the potential horror of my newly acquired mum friends (all of whom were bound to be comparing me to the previous venue and making a mental note to decline the next invite) was another matter entirely. My mother group pals all turned out to be really cool and lovely people thankfully!

I returned to work part time, muddled through and further developed this ridiculous idea that if people are coming over you must suddenly stop being who you normally are, and pretend you are Hyacinth “Bouquet” reincarnated. The house was never tidy for long, if at all, but it did bother me. Incidents of “mess stress” breakouts were from time to time unleashed on my husband, who was also guilty of the mess but luckily for him not the stress.

This went on for some time, my second beautiful daughter arrived and we moved house to our dream block of land with the standard rambling house, backing onto bush in the gorgeous southern suburbs of Sydney, and I eventually took on a very demanding working role. It paid well, but sucked up a lot of my spare time and attention. The house remained as messy as ever. It was only ever tidy in my dreams, and in the pages of the stacked piles of interior magazines which portrayed my future, Scandinavian style home with no plastic toys in it. This made me increasingly grumpier.

I dreamed my whole house was clean

It would be dramatic and fitting to say that I had a major light bulb moment where I suddenly realised that the mess didn’t really matter, but it was really a gradual dawning and a few telling interactions with friends that made me realise a few home truths.

My messy house it seemed, (whilst it continued to cause me stress and to lapse into my Scandi Style/Antiplastic daydream) was a source of great relief and comfort to others who entered!

Compliments such as “after I met you and came to your house I realised its actually ok to have stuff out on the bench!”, “I feel so much better when I come to your house”, and “its not that messy, my kids really love coming here as there is always craft!”. My realisation culminated with the offer of a helping hand during my third pregnancy from a lovely friend who tamed the chaos under my kitchen sink while I attacked the linen cupboard. We laughed at my crazy mess whilst ironically our three year olds were trashing the joint downstairs. Opening up my messy house further opened my friendships and made them honest.

With such refreshing and revelatory feedback, it was suddenly clear that is not the mess within our own homes that causes the stress, but the unattainable absence of mess in the magazines, and the imagined order in the homes of our friends and peers. The reality is that such tidiness (for most of us) only exists for about 10% of the time, and that for the other 90% of the time we are just muddling through like everyone else.

Allowing unattainable standards to dominate our lives is fertile ground for anxiety and unhappiness. Whilst I am continually aiming for the order and organisation, that I’ll admit, can make family life easier, I have really learned to let my mess stress go.

If people are coming for a long overdue lunch or dinner I do make an effort to provide a comfy and relaxing space for my friends. A home that is befitting the love and care I have put into the food, but not at the expense of enjoying their company or turning the entire occasion into a stressful episode.

Since I am absolutely the last person in the world to go giving out advice on how to keep your home and life tidy, I am going to share my top 5 tips for getting by and minimising incidences of mess stress.

Actually I can think of just one. Always have cake in the tin, and put the kettle on.

Charley. X

photoMeet Charley…

Sailor, mother, blogger, home cook and ex Corporate Project Professional.

My great loves are my three girls, my husband, good food, two pet ducks and my faithful Labrador Rhubarb.

I’m passionate about getting kids into the great outdoors and, when not pottering around the local inshore coastline with my family, I can be found at home in The Heron’s Nest otherwise known as “The Messy Pile of Sticks” working on ‘Special Projects’.

I write about the things I love at