Day 9 & 10 – Cutting myself some slack

Well I didn’t write anything yesterday. And it was a bit of a test for myself.

I wanted to see if I failed to write just for one day, would I be upset. Would it make me just give up on the whole thing.

What I actually found was that I didn’t get angry at myself, rather I realised just how much my writing was helping me.

When I write I can write anything. I just blurt it out onto the computer and hit publish. Well that is what I am doing this month anyway.

At times it is hard to talk, really talk about how I feel. Writing is much easier as I can use so many more words to describe how I feel, and what I’m thinking.

It helps me to process the chatter in my brain, to realise the real thoughts and the monster thoughts I can just ignore. It is a very cheap form of therapy and I don’t even need anyone to read it. Knowing that I’ve recorded it I can always go back and remember what works and what doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter how little or how ┬ámuch I write so long as I make an effort to get back to my writing, everything gets a little bit easier.

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