Everyday Mindfulness – Part 3

Part 3 of our Everyday Mindfulness Series is all about looking after yourself.

It’s about looking after your body, your mind, your home, your looks, your own self-confidence, and your own karma. It’s about finding little ways in your life that you can concentrate on YOU, and make yourself feel good on any random day of the week – no special occasion required!

Get so involved with your cleaning and housework that it makes you sweat –

I know in the heat of summer this is not hard at all to get a sweat on, but in the winter – well, not so much. But aside from this, I am a firm believer in getting a two for one deal; so if I am going to get sweaty and dirty, then I might as well get some physical benefit from it also! So invest in a cheap pair of wrist weights and ankle weights (I know that target have some very tidy priced versions right now), and strap these to you while you do the hoovering, hanging the washing, dusting etc.

And while you are at it, try to walk EVERYWHERE, as often as you can. If your life is busy, and exercise isn’t always that easy for you to schedule in, then this tip could do you the world of good.

Remember, incidental exercise can be your friend!

Find that little bit of fabulousness, and flaunt it –

Rock your own self-confidence, and own it. Put some extra effort into your hairstyle or make-up some days. You know how good it feels to step out of the salon with your new do – well then why don’t you try to make yourself feel like that as often as you can. Take a little extra time in the morning before you leave the house with your hair. Perhaps try a new lipstick colour – or even a different fragrance. A little bit of extra fabulousness is bound to boost your confidence and put a little spring in your step for the day. Especially when other people start to notice!

Create your own karma –

Do good things for others – for no reason at all, and for nothing expected in return. I believe that Karma is not a bitch, but instead she is a princess. So be good to others, and the universe will be good to you. The law of attraction really does work – as you attract what you give out (believe me on this one!)

Treat yourself –

Treat yourself once in a while. For some reason, we ladies (especially when we become mothers) always end up putting ourselves last. Well once in a while – buy that gorgeous top you saw recently in the store window. Or get a facial, a massage, or a little treat with your coffee. Have a bath, and then sip on a nice glass of wine while you do it!

Enjoy some little treats for yourself, and you will soon begin appreciate yourself (and what you do for everyone else) so much more. You are so worth it!

Acknowledge your anxieties –

It is ok to feel anxious at times. It is normal to feel moody, or get the blues – but try not to beat yourself up over them, as this might send you further into a downward spiral. Instead, acknowledge that this is not a permanent state of being for you, and aim to get on with feeling normal again soon.

Life is not meant to be a continuous roll of perfect happiness… we need to have those ups and downs to realise what really matters to us.

I remember an old plaque that used to hang on our toilet door in my childhood home which read:

“To appreciate the heights, one has to have been to the depths”.

And it’s so true. If you have never experienced any sadness or heartaches, then how on earth would you learn to treasure those good times?

But at the end of the day, try not to let your worries or sadness consume you. Recognize them, acknowledge them, rise above them, and carry on.

And finally….

Take some time to smell the flowers –

And I mean this in both the literal, and the figurative sense. To me it means – keep your senses open to everything that comes your way, and appreciate even the littlest of things. It is the tagline of my blog Once Upon A Violet, after all!

When I walk my four year old to pre-school each day, we talk about the seasons, and what differences we take note of at certain times of the year. We notice the colour of the leaves, and what flowers are blooming at each particular time. At four years old, she has a better knowledge of horticulture than even most adults I know….

But it’s not the names of the flowers that I want her to know per se… – it’s her ability to recognise these different flowers in and around different parts of our general community (and at different times of the year) that I find the more important skill.

It shows me that she is walking around with her head high, and her eyes wide open.

It shows me that she takes notice of her world, and of what is going on in it.

It shows me that she can understand that changes will occur in life, and she is ok with that. And it shows me that she doesn’t judge what she sees, straight off – Instead she can see it for what it is, but also accept the hidden beauty that often lies within.

Wow! If only she knew the meaningfulness (and the mindfulness) of her actions!

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Dani is a thirty (something) wife and mother of one. She is a jewellery designer, small business owner, writer, and also an Intensive Care Nurse – so a bit of a mixed bag of skills really.

She tries to navigate life balancing work, creativity, and family by focusing on the powers of mindfulness and positivity. She documents her journey and what she has learned through her blog – onceuponaviolet.com

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