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Originally Featured on The Buzz Writer – 16th November, 2015

 I AM Mag 001I AM Magazine  … Established in 2011, and was created out of an obsession for magazines, digital media, design, writing and health and fitness – all things Editor Samantha Jane is truly passionate about.

Tell us about your business

I AM Magazine is a digital publication with a passion for health, fitness and inspirational stories. We find people who are stepping outside of their comfort zones to find where happiness truly lies in their lives. We write these stories in the hope that we can reach out and inspire others to do the same.

Why did you start your business?

I was at a cross roads in my life. After my 2nd child I realised that I really didn’t know who I was, and by not knowing who I was, I was missing my purpose. I believe everybody needs purpose to feel happy in life. When I say ‘purpose’ I mean in the passionate sense. Women especially are very quick to give to others and forget themselves which can lead to all sorts of horrible unhappy times. This was something i was experiencing – I didn’t know what my ‘I AM’ was… The ‘I AM’ that was just for me.

What do you love about your work?

Writing and just being creative. I am an artist by true nature. I paint, I draw, I write – I create. I love creating!

What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known for bringing joy to people’s lives. Helping people through tough times. I’ve been to some pretty dark places myself and I know how terrifying and lonely that can be. I want to help people out of those holes.

What are you aiming to achieve in the next 12 months?

The ability to work from home. I want to be with my children instead of running by a clock that says I need to be somewhere else.

What is the best piece of advice for someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

Don’t expect miracles. start your love job and accept it as the reward. Learn to pat yourself on the back and most importantly Never Give Up. Businesses fail only when people give up.

The best business advice I have ever received was from the Founder of Seafolly, Peter Halas. During an interview he told me the story of how he and his wife started the Seafolly brand. How it actually started as something completely different. It had a completely different name and they were trying to cover a broader area of the ‘resortwear’ market. It wasn’t going that great for them – so he did what all dedicated and truly passionate business folk do, he re-branded. He changed the name of his company and focused in on a niche market. He stopped trying to cover all bases, receiving mediocre business growth, and started focusing on a niche which brought him exceptional business growth. He said, “work out what nobody’s doing and go and do that!”

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Email:      iammagazine@live.com.au

Website:    www.iammagazine.com.au

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