Feeling blue? Then remember to give yourself time out

I admit I have been pretty absent from talking to you lately. And that is not because I don’t care, but more because I wasn’t coping.

Recently I received some heart breaking family news and I had to take some time out. I was going through the motions, getting through each day, barely. So I gave myself time to get through the initial shock, by not putting a limit on my grief. I recognised I wasn’t at my best, and I didn’t beat myself up because of it. I have learnt over the years a few simple things to do, in order to get back on track with my depression.

Be open about your troubles

I started by letting those nearest and dearest to me know what was going on. The support I received just from being honest was humbling. Everyone around us was willing to help where necessary.

Ask for help

When offered help, take it. You really don’t have to be a superhero. Friends and family are there to help you, just like you would help then if the tables were turned. You need to allow your network of support the chance to lend a hand.

Don’t fight the down times

Allowing the sadness to wash over you without fighting it, can be very therapeutic. There is no possible way you can be happy all the time, so recognising each individual feeling – anger, sadness, guilt – can also help you identify when you need to give yourself time out.

Recognise when you need time out

As you start to realise the different emotions, you will also know when you need to take a step back. This doesn’t mean checking out, but more a surrender to your body. Postpone those meetings that are making you feel anxious to attend, and start the steps that help you get through the tough times. If you are honest when you reach out, people will respect you more for it. This also ties in with being open and asking for help.

You would be surprised how many others you speak to have been in the same space before, once you allow them into your world. Depression and anxiety is common, and although there are varying stages and types, those that understand will always be in your corner.

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