More Coffee Please…

Any one who knows me, knows I like my coffee.

But boy, am I all over the place… My routine has been screwed up a bit lately. And my body can tell.

My usual routine is get up, eat breakfast with the kids – hopefully just after 6.00am (although this morning it was 5.38am), get the kids dressed, shower (if I have time), pack bags and send them out the door by 7.00am to before school care and kindy with their dad, as he heads to work.

Once I am showered and decent (although just getting showered some mornings is enough), I will pop out to my local corner shop and buy a coffee. I then return home to start the day in front of my computer. Although sometimes, if I know I have a lot on, I go straight to my computer and settle for a Nespresso, or a cup of tea at home.

This morning, I got up (that’s right at 5.38am), ate breakfast with the kids, went though all the usual early morning rituals, even managing to have a shower & wash my hair. The kids and my hubby went off into the world, and I sat down and got stuck into work. The next thing I know it is 9.30am and I’ve been working like it is already lunchtime.

Wow, so much had been done, I was feeling very productive. I knew I had moved my gym session to just after lunch, and so was working furiously to make up for the time later in the day that I wouldn’t be at my desk.

But as the hours went on, I started to feel ‘off’. I could feel a slight headache behind both eyes. I was tired, lethargic, and just wanted to lay down on the lounge and sleep.

My first thought was I felt this way because of my flu shot the day before. My arm was certainly reeling in pain from the needle. And so I was convinced that the change in my body was from my injection the day before.

I went to the gym, and went through my session with my personal trainer. It wasn’t until I left, that I realised I hadn’t had a coffee all day. It was now 2.30pm and as I walked into the coffee shop, I almost started salivating. Thankfully there was no line and within minutes I held my fresh cup of coffee in my hands.

As soon as I took a sip, I felt tension in my body slip away.

I didn’t feel quite as ‘sick’ from my injection any more. And boy, oh, boy did it taste good.

oh dear…. I’m not sick at all.

Next time, I think I’ll just look at feeding my addiction, before claiming I’m getting the flu. If coffee doesn’t fix it – I must be sick.


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